We are Design Directors.

Think of us as a creative team for hire. We’re the guys you want around when you’re not exactly sure what it is you need, but you know you want something awesome. Or, when you’ve got the start of an idea that you know could be bigger and brighter but not sure where to go next. 

We design, direct, imagine and develop ideas that look their best and communicate most.

We don’t just work on the ideas, we make them too:

We’ve built sets, welded framework, wired installations, rigged infrared cameras, made typography out of plants, photo scanned pretty girls, been covered in chocolate milk and coloured chalk (but not at the same time), made sand explosions, made real explosions (with adult supervision). We even built the furniture in our studio, including a planter box for a front door (without adult supervision).

Why? Because we love making ‘things’ and sometimes the art is in the ‘making’.

Our Motion Design and Imaging studio, Make Mountainsis on hand for those sexy, crafty projects. For the really really big projects, we call on our production partners to put all the pieces together. 

We are Toby & Pete and we want to make something awesome for you.